what is insight or life coaching?

insight – an understanding of the motivational forces behind one’s actions, thoughts, or behavior; self-knowledge.

Let me paint a picture for you….

Let’s assume that you live in Los Angeles.  Your lifelong dream has been to take a road trip to New York City.  You want to see the sights, catch a few shows, and perhaps even move there.  You’ve tried once before.  But after days of driving, you gave up when you reached Kansas City so you turned around and went back.  So, why didn’t you complete your journey?


  • you were overwhelmed
  • you were afraid
  • you were tired
  • you lost hope of ever making it to NYC

This is where I come in.  My goal is to help you figure out what is preventing you from completing this trip.  And I’m going to help you create a map and itinerary for this trip…and I’m going with you!  You are in the driver’s seat!  I’m just along for the journey to help you with the agenda and itinerary.  And what a celebration it will be when we are in the center of Times Square under the bright lights of Broadway!

Now that you’ve got that visual in your head…where do YOU want to go?  What do YOU want to do?  Who do YOU want to be?  Through discussions, homework and exercises, you will get the insight you need to accomplish any task and reach (and exceed) any goal.

2 thoughts on “what is insight or life coaching?

  1. Congratulations Carlton on setting out on this new journey! My thought and prayers are with you. I am still at working for a salon/spa now. But, maybe someday I’ll have my own place.

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