One thought on “Quote of the Week

  1. Would you be willing to send out an invitation in the next week as an ambassador in support of my feature film, “Murphy’s Second Chance”?  Below is a synopsis of the film.  I’m calling on all friends past/present to be apart of the team.  I will be trying to raise $100,000.00.  This sounds like a lot but is a very low budget for a feature film and equates to just 5,000 people giving $20.  The price of dinner out to support a film with meaning.   I’m directing a feature film in association with Hallmark Hall of Fame Producer, Shawn McClaren.  I would like to share this project with you.  Even if we are unable to work together, I hope you will consider supporting the making of this independent feature narrative film that provides hope to are furry four-legged friends. Synopsis:  Murphy, a battered German Shepherd, escapes a dog fighting ring to be rescued by Paige, a troubled tomboy.  Murphy’s presence in Paige’s family exposes her fractured relationship with her father, Travis Crowley, a man haunted by his own unfulfilled dreams living vicariously through his son’s success on the high school baseball team.  Ultimately, it isn’t just Murphy that discovers the beauty of second chances.  On the surface, “Murphy’s Second Chance” appears to be a simple movie about a girl and a dog.  Instead it’s a story about a father and daughter and how they find their way back to each other, how from the outside a perfect family is never perfect.  Murphy is the catalyst that causes Travis to experience an epiphany about his flaws as a father and a man.  Rescuing Murphy gives Travis a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of his daughter. I’ve been the President of Kansas City Women in Film & TV for two years.  Outside of my leadership role in filmmaking in Kansas City, I’ve written, directed and produced multiple award winning short films.  Recently I won the American Gem Short Screenplay contest with a feature article to appear in the Filmmaker’s magazine.  “Murphy’s Second Chance” was recognized in leading industry competitions:  Austin, Nashville, and the Page Awards.  The latest short film I directed just played at the Omaha Film Festival, premiered at the California Women’s Festival and will play next month at both the KC Film Fest and Newport Beach Film Festival.  

    Regardless of your decision, I understand.  Thank you for your time and consideration.  Hope you are well, Carlton. Sincerely,

     Amber Rapp President KCWIFT 816-808-3099

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