The Purge Project – Your “Give” Bucket

These are my Jesus shoes.


You’ve probably never seen Jesus shoes before.  But this is what they look like.

Let me explain.

Three years ago, on a Saturday, my friends Monica and Kenny had a garage sale.  When the sale was over, I got first dibs on the leftovers before they were donated.  So I was in their garage by myself going through the books and other goods.  And I saw a pair of shoes.  Size 12.  Ladies black pump, size 12.

Now, I wear a 12 in men’s shoes.  But I had no need for these shoes.  And as much as I needed a pair of black dress shoes, these were not the ones.  But something told me to take the shoes with me.  I didn’t understand why but I took them.  And I left them in my car.

The next day, Sunday, I went to Sunday school followed by church service.  Right before church started, one of longtime members, Hazel, walked in.  And I remembered a conversation we had about foot pain and how difficult it was for her to find shoes that fit.  And if I remembered the conversation correctly, she said she wore a size 12.  Just to be sure, I asked and she confirmed.  I went out to my car, got the shoes and brought them into church.  She tried on the shoes and they fit.  It was almost like Cinderella.

The next day was Monday.  And I drove over to my friend Carolyn’s apartment.  When I arrived, the first thing she said was, “Carltonface, what size shoe do you wear?”

“It depends. Usually an 11 1/2 or 12”, I said.

She said, “I bought Sterling a pair of tennis shoes but he doesn’t like them.  I think they’re a size 12”.

I had recently started exercising, mainly walking on the treadmill.  In fact, I did about 6 weeks, from November 2010 until about mid-December, getting up 3 days a week, going to the apartment complex gym, and walking on the treadmill with Carolyn.  And I needed a new pair of sports shoes.

She brought me the shoes. I usually buy tennis shoes in black and white.  Sometimes blue and white but typically black and white.  So, when she brought me these shoes, even though they were not my typical choice, I didn’t care.  I just marveled at what had transpired.  And I just said, “Thank you, Jesus”.

Over a three-day period, two pairs of shoes changed hands between three people.  I received a pair of shoes, couldn’t use them so I gave them to someone else.  And because I gave away a pair of shoes, another pair was given to me.

givingGiving works best when there is no expectation of reciprocation.  And even if we give willingly and freely, it’s entirely possible any return may not come from the receiver.  It can come from somewhere and someone unexpected.

Thank you, Jesus!

Be blessed,



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