What Love Is. And Isn’t.


In the past few days, I learned a lot about love.

Several situations presented themselves where I got to see love in action. Or in its absence. Or in its maturity…or childishness.

What I learned is we think we know what love is. But rarely do we ever truly understand it. We say we love someone…but treat them as if we don’t. We say the word with such casualness…when it should only be spoken in honesty and sincerity.

But when we truly see or feel love, it should overwhelm us. It should make us breathless. It should dizzy us. It should fill us with such joy, it make us cry from the deepest spot in our souls.

Toni Morrison observation on love is very astute. And what Paul wrote in I Corinthians is absolutely divine. God is love. He created and purposed each of us in love. Who we are, what we say and do…should be the embodiment and greatest expression of love.

Love is an essential part of our relationships. With God. With ourselves. With each other. With our spiritual gifts and even our mortal abilities.

But sometimes what we experience and express is the absence of love. Or even worse, the opposite of love. Fear. Think about it. Do your relationships FLOURISH because of openness, honesty, genuine communication, etc? Or do your relationships, even the one with yourself, FLOUNDER because of insecurity, jealousy, negativity, etc.?

“And now abideth faith, hope, CHARITY, these three; but the greatest of these is LOVE”

I Corinthians 13:13



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