So What’s Your Plan B?



The party’s over and it’s time to back to your regular life.  Or maybe you don’t want to go back.

Every year, we make a resolution, or several, of how we are going to change THIS YEAR.  But didn’t we make the same resolution(s) last year?  Or the year before?

So what should we do different this year?  We make a plan B.

Why a plan B?  Remember, you tried plan A last time.  And it didn’t work.

Your plan B is a Better Plan.  Think back to January 2014 when you planned to lose weight or get more organized or be a better _____________.  What was your game plan?  The one that didn’t work.

So ask yourself…why didn’t it work?  Was it the plan?  Was it the tools or resources?  Or maybe you still weren’t ready for the change.

Let’s make 2015 the year it worked.  The year we made it work.

1.  The Attitude – Let’s make sure we have the right attitude this year.  Are you ready to let go of the past?  Are you ready to make changes?  Are you ready to do The Work?  If not, January may not be the month to start.  Spend January looking within yourself to unearth why you are not ready.  Don’t start trying to embrace the new if you’re holding onto the past for dear life.

2.  The Plan – Make sure you have one.  If you had one and it didn’t work, then you need Plan B(etter).  That is either your Plan A but better.  Or it’s a completely new plan.  Hopefully, you have the wisdom of time and experience to realize what didn’t work or what/who should have been part of your plan.  Now write it down, type it in or app it.  And be accountable to yourself and someone who will be honest and supportive.

3.  The Tools –  Identify all of your tools and resources needed to achieve success.

4.  The Rewards – Once you’ve achieved your goal, how do you plan to celebrate?  Attach a carrot to your goal as an incentive.  If you lose weight, reward yourself with some new clothes.  If you organize a room, celebrate with taking a day off all to yourself.

It’s 2015.  It’s time for Plan B.

Blessings, Carlton

a goal without a plan


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