The Purge Project – Your “Toss” Bucket

In the last post, we kept or held on to things of value.  Today, let’s consider things to throw away or discard.


Let’s say you enjoy a bowl of cereal each morning for breakfast.  Each morning, you open the box of cereal and carton of milk.  Until the box and carton are empty.  And once you are out of milk or cereal, what do you do with the empty containers?

You throw them away.  The cereal is all gone, the milk carton is empty.  Unless you are using either container for a craft project, there really is no need to hold on to them.  There is no cereal or milk fairy who will come along and refill those containers for you.

So why do we hold on to things that have no use any more?

  1. Sentimental value – old pictures, gifts or heirlooms handed down from relatives, etc.
  2. Lack of solution (where does it go?) – especially big items like TVs, computers, bicycles, etc.
  3. Future need – “I’ll wear that again when I lose weight” or “I have my new glasses but I’ll keep these as a spare”
  4. Wastefulness – We don’t want to waste something that may still be used.  A good example of this is leftovers.

All of these are valid reasons for why we hold on to things.  But if we are holding on out of fear, it is an unhealthy endeavor.  Holding on out of fear keeps us from moving forward.  These things become heavy objects in our lives.  Whether they are big are small, they take up valuable space PHYSICALLY, SPIRITUALLY, EMOTIONALLY, and MENTALLY.

So, there are two steps this week:

1.  If you have not used it, touched it, thought about it in years, IT NEEDS TO GO.  If touching it, thinking about it provokes or conjures up negative or painful memories from your past, you may need to connect with the reasons for the pain before letting go.

2.  The same goes for thoughts, behaviors, beliefs AND people in your life.  If they are not serving you or someone else in terms of your continued growth and wellness, IT or THEY NEED TO GO.  Although you cannot physically place these items in your TOSS bucket, put in a proxy item.  Write it on a piece of paper and put it in.  Or if you have a physical representation of a behavior or a person, throw it in the bucket.  For example, if you have an affinity for sweets and it’s preventing you from losing weight, all sweets in your house need to go in the bucket!

Above all, as a life coach, I can help you move forward from where you are.  But if you need help dealing with your past BEFORE you can move forward, assistance from a therapist is necessary.  Don’t ignore or minimize any issues from the past. They greatly affect you and those around you.

If you need more help, contact me:

Be blessed,



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