The Purge Project – Your “Keep” Bucket

800px-Car_keys_with_keychainSo you open a drawer and, among all the stuff in the drawer, you find two keys.  And you recognize one is a key to your car.  Then, you realize the other key is to a car, too.  The car you no longer own.  Do you need to keep both sets of car keys?

This is an important question to ask during the process of purging.

Welcome back to the Keep section of this process.  Today, I want to focus on what goes in your Keep box.  Physically and spiritually.

Just like that first key, there are certain things you need to hold onto because they have a purpose.  But there are certain things we no longer need to keep.  Their time has come and gone.  Yes, there was a time when it was necessary to hold on to that key because it served a purpose – probably as a spare.  But it doesn’t matter if this is the primary key or a back-up in case of emergency.  The car is gone…so there is no NEED to hold on to it.

Consider we also have ideas, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.  Some we rely on everyday…and some that no longer serve a purpose.  Those too need to be scrutinized to determine which ones are necessary for your daily life or future goals.

Your homework this week is:

1. Start looking at one area of your physical environment to determine what are the items you want to keep.  Think clearly about why they are important to you…what purpose are they serving in your life.

2. Start taking inventory of your life to determine what are the ideas, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors you want to hold onto in 2014.  What do you like about yourself?

3.  Be brave.  Ask 3 honest and trustworthy friends to name three things they like about you.  Or ask them to use three words to describe you.  It’s one thing to look at yourself…it’s another thing to hear how others experience you in their presence.

Be blessed,



One thought on “The Purge Project – Your “Keep” Bucket

  1. Outstanding revelation knowledge my good man. I have a few keys to past transportation, relational, and spiritual vehicles that I need to purge. Thank you for the confirmation.

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