Purging Yourself

rubbermaid containerIf a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work.

2 Timothy 2:21

Recently, I was at Target and saw stacks and stacks of those humongous tubs.  You can find them anytime of the year.  But right before and immediately after Christmas, you’ll see tons of them on sale. Why?  People need to store their Christmas wrap, decorations, lights, etc.  But also, after the first of the year, people want to get organized.  We make New Year resolutions to get more order in our lives.

I have some of these tubs.  And you probably do, too.  A lot of people do.

Sometimes they hold important things for storage.  And sometimes, they are just full of junk.  (Don’t judge me)

Before resolving to do anything this year, I had to first deal with the rumbling in my spirit.  Yes, there are physical things I need to sort through and/or throw away.  But before I do that, I have to start spiritually.

In organizing the physical aspects of our lives, we (life coaches, organization consultants, etc.) usually suggest starting with a series of boxes.  The boxes are marked as:

  • Keep
  • Toss
  • Sell
  • Pass

And as items are considered, we have to decide in which box they should be placed.  Sounds simple but it can be an emotionally taxing task.

That rumbling I referred to earlier was caused by one word: PURGE. It has been loudly and powerfully moving through my spirit for several weeks.  As I having been thinking about 2014, this word kept interrupting my plans for the new year.  You see, the real process of organizing must include, and start with, a purge.  Many times, we strive for organization because we exist in the exact opposite.  We exist in disorganization or chaos.  In order to be clear in who we are and what we are doing and why we are doing it, it is necessary to eliminate the chaos in us and surrounding us.  Because the chaos present around us is the direct result of the chaos within us.

The true work in getting organized goes much deeper than just throwing away junk and waste.  Purging has a greater purpose.


You know, God truly is wonderful in all of His creation.  And one of the most beautiful creations ever is the body.  The body has its own unique way of eliminating waste.  But there’s a more important reason for the process.  It is a process of cleansing or purification.

So for the next four weeks, I want to focus on the act of purging.  Not just the act of purging ourselves of excess paperwork or old clothes.  But the act of cleansing the mind and spirit.

Next weekend, I encourage you to join me for the first lesson.  A lesson focused on the thoughts and behaviors we need to keep…and maintain.  And in preparation for next week, and this month of lessons, I also encourage you to do homework.  It is the same work I have done in preparation for this process.

Your homework is this:  start looking around your house, identifying areas where clutter or chaos exists.  Write down 3-5 areas you believe need your attention.  And then, next week, we’ll begin to examine some internal areas with the same focus.

But I also encourage you to approach this month with prayer and meditation.  Pray to God for guidance and strength.  Meditate on scriptures and words of wisdom to teach and encourage you.

Now, take a deep breath….and prepare to release!


Be blessed,



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