Be Brave…and ROAR!

I have to share this story. On Thursday night, I was part of a judging panel for a high school talent show. The students were very talented, playing piano, performing dance routines and singing. One girl, a special needs student, had auditioned for the show in the singing category. She stepped onto the stage in a sparking blue dress with a sweater. She had decided to sing Katy Perry’s Roar. Good song but it kinda wears on you after you hear it too many times. But hearing this that girl quietly sing along with Katy brought new meaning to the words. Like Katy, she was brave to get up there and sing in front of all of those people. She knew every word to the song. And when the time came, she did the appropriate ROAR, arms raised in the air, hands formed into claws. Her fellow students loudly encouraged her. And most of the audience stood and applauded as the song ended.

When you face your fears, think about that girl. Be BRAVE…and make sure they hear you ROAR!


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