Clarity – Be Present


Ok.  I want you to stop whatever you are doing right now and read this.  Yes, you.  You have been going all day from the moment you awoke, swung your feet out from underneath the covers, and hit the floor running.

It’s time to stop and drop. Stop everything and drop whatever you have going on.

Read this.  If you want clarity in your life, you need to stop and be present in the moment.  Take off your shoes and anything else you are wearing that may be uncomfortable.  Find somewhere comfortable to sit or lay down.

Then, with your hands by your side, close your eyes and…just breathe.  Slowly breathe in.  Slowly breathe out.  Don’t think about what happened before you took your shoes off.  And don’t start thinking about what’s next on your TO DO list today.  The only time you need to focus on is now.  Just clear your mind, close your eyes and breathe.


At some point, slowly open your eyes.  You may not realize it but your blood pressure has probably gone down.  And you’ve released some of the toxins in your system.  And hopefully, you feel more relaxed, calm, and clear.

Once your eyes are open, look around you and appreciate where you are.  You are alive.  You have food and shelter.  Take a moment and appreciate the spring flowers and warmer weather.

Try doing this EVERY DAY to get clear on who you are and your place in the world.

And tomorrow, is another day, to get clear.  Be well and blessed!



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