Walking in Clarity

Park on Banya-San, Nonsan

Park on Banya-San, Nonsan

“Never allow gradually the traffic to smother with noise and fog the flowering of the spirit”  Stephen Spender

Recently a friend came to see me.  When she arrived, she commented on how challenging the trip to my home was.  “The fog was so heavy.  It was really hard to see”.

We have all had the experience, at some time, of driving through a dense formation of mist.  Shining a light can help to lead the way but it only goes so far.  And it’s difficult to drive at a high rate of speed because fog forces us to slow down.

Our life pathways can also be hindered by fog.  Our thoughts, our focus, our intentions can become clouded by distractions.  They make it difficult for us to focus on what’s important.

This week, I will be sharing some tips on finding clarity in your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Be blessed,



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