2013: Intention, Clarity and Vision

clic will be going through a LOT of changes this year!

Relaunch 2013

  • First, I won’t be scheduling any individual coaching sessions for at least the next 3-6 months.  I’m devoting a lot of time to a special project – ME!  I need to focus on some health issues.  I also need to devote time and energy to other projects that will take clic to the next level.
  • New look:  The blog is taking on a new look that is not so heavy as the other design.  This one has a bit more “pop” in terms of color.  And the layout makes it more accessible and user-friendly.  In fact the name of the design is Ideation and Intent!  Perfect!  Also several pages are undergoing changes and one will disappear completely (don’t worry… you probably won’t miss it)!  Feel free to share your feedback.
  • New focus:  2013 will focus on three words and what they mean in terms of establishing a better life. They are intention, clarity and vision.  Look for more information on these words over the next few weeks.
  • Workshops:  After the coaching hiatus, I’ll be facilitating a workshop here in the Kansas City area.  It will be a wonderful opportunity to gather insight about yourself.

There are other projects in the works but I’ll wait until things are more established before I speak about them.  But you can continue to expect posts on general life issues…and some fun topics as well.

I appreciate you reading the posts and commenting as well.

Be blessed


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