Spring Ambivalence

Tonight, we lose an hour of sleep.


I know…most people are excited about the prospect of longer daylight hours, pretty spring flowers and the promise of hot summer days.  Me?  Not feeling the hot summer days.

– Summer means lounging in the sun and swimming in the pool.  Well, if you seen me, I don’t need to sit in the sun.  And I’m not big on swimming.

– Summer means warm weather.  For me, it means HOT WEATHER!  Muggy, sweaty days…and sometimes nights.

This week, I decided to put on my amateur psychologist’s coat to figure out why I’m feeling this spring ambivalence.  What I realized is, yes, I don’t like losing an hour of sleep.  But what I really don’t like is the extremes.  Spring will soon give way to summer.  Summers here in Missouri can be hot and humid.  Winters can be brutally cold with deep snow.

The bottom line is I am truly a creature of comfort.  A lot of us are but I am especially so when it comes to weather.  Give spring and fall and you can keep winter and summer.

With my psychologist’s coat on, I started to apply this analysis to my life in general.  I just don’t like extremes.  There is some truth in the realization I like life in the middle somewhere…in the comfort zone.  Who doesn’t?

But at age 50, I also realize I can weather life outside the comfort zone.  I used to try to avoid uncomfortable situations.  Now I realize I can prevent some of them from happening but if they must happen, I have the tools to deal with them.  And more importantly, the fear of discomfort is gone.

When I wake up tomorrow morning, I will wake up with the attitude spring is around the corner and summer right behind it.  And you know what?  Bring on the HEAT!  I can take it.

Be blessed,



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