Living a Balanced Life…It’s Hard!

The joy of achieving a balanced life!

About a week ago, I achieved something I’d never done before.  For the first time in 429 days or 62 weeks, I achieved perfect center of balance on the Wii Fit Plus.  If you have no idea what I’m speaking of, let me explain.

This is the Wii Fit Plus Balance Board.  It’s used with the Wii to do exercises, yoga, aerobics, etc.  When you do a daily body test, the Wii has you stand completely still to check your left and right balance.  After a few seconds, it provides you data on how balanced you are…left to right, in percentages.  Historically, I’m about 2 – 3% off from center.  Sometimes I’m leaning to the right, sometimes, the other direction.  Occasionally, I’ve been close to dead center.  But October the 17th was the first time I was perfectly centered.

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on getting more balance in my life.  In terms of the whole body, mind, and spirit connection, my body is throwing everything off.  The reality is that I’ve been progressively gaining weight over the past 20 years.  Up until about three years ago, I was dealing with hypertension as my only health issue.  But as I approach the half century mark, my body is starting to feel the hands of time…along with unhealthy food choices and an aversion to all forms of exercise.

The good news is the Wii has been a strong motivating factor in terms of movement.  I can do it anytime I want, in the privacy of my home, without strange eyes looking at the fat guy trying to lose weight.  The real issue needing my attention was managing my diet.

Over the years, I was making better choices in terms of cutting out sodas, minimizing my sugar intake, and cooking more vegetables.  But the equation still wasn’t right because I wasn’t losing weight.

So, during a trip to Mardels book store, looking through the bargain books, I found three that I decided to purchase and figure out which might be helpful.  Coincidentally, all of the books focused not just on eating healthier and losing weight but achieving a balanced life. Although I have not read all three, I’ve surfed through the pages to determine which is the most helpful for my needs.  Essentially, each one has aspects that will be beneficial.

Perfect Weight America by Jordan Rubin with Bernard Bulwer, M.D. – Jordan Rubin is not a doctor so he co-wrote his book with Dr. Bulwer.  This book takes a very holistic approach to achieving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.  There are instructions on how to detox and cleanse your system.  And there’s an excellent resource guide for products and foods that are better for us and the environment.

Perfect Weight America website

Jordan Rubin’s website

The Great Physicians’s Rx for Health & Wellness: Seven Keys to Unlock Your Health Potential by Jordan Rubin with David Remedios, M.D. – This book, also by Jordan Rubin, differs a bit from Perfect Weight America.  First, there’s a different doctor.  Second, this book takes a more biblical approach to a balanced life.  Third, Rubin shares a bit more of his personal story.  As a young man, he suffered for years with health issues that left him lethargic, thin, hospitalized, etc.  That is until he started eating foods found in the Bible.  That’s when his health started to improve.

This book is hardcore.  It is intensive, comprehensive, and informative.  It would be ideal for someone who is interested in radically changing their lives or someone who is dealing with health issues that seem to have no resolution.  I do like that it addresses vitamins, alternative eating and healing, and even hygiene.  But I also like that it suggests gradually changing your eating habits instead of abruptly forcing you to do so.

The Great Physician’s Rx for Health and Wellness website

Your Plan for a Balanced Life by James M. Rippe, M.D. – Out of the three books, this book takes a more simple approach to achieving a balanced life.  It would be ideal for someone who needs to make only a few changes to their diet and exercise plan.  The only caution I would give is for someone who is hypertensive or diabetic.  Although Dr. Rippe includes recipes in the book, several meal plans include frozen dinners.  Although they are “healthy choices” (hint, hint), frozen dinners tend to contain a lot of sodium, carbs and sugars.  However, someone could still follow this plan but replace the frozen meals with home cooked ones.

Your Plan for a Balanced Life website

As I’ve learned in my experiences with the Wii Balance Board, PERFECT balance is hard to achieve.  It may be awhile before I achieve perfection again…but I’m okay with that.   And I feel good about the fact that I’m close to perfect instead of far from it.

Be Blessed,



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