April 27, 2011 – Lenten Update: A Tale of Two Journals

Lent is over.  Easter was celebrated.  And I can go back to eating my Chinese food.  Except with wiser choices.

Overall, I did okay with my goals. 

  • I read at least two books a week.
  • I missed a Meatless Monday and a Fish Friday.  But I moved them to the following day to make up for it.
  • I still have traces of the bronchitis hanging around.  I’m using my inhaler at least once a day.  But I’m slowly getting back into Wii’ing.

Journaling is another story.  I think I discovered why I’ve been so inconsistent with committing to paper each day.  It is exhausting to write.  By the time I jot down what happened and how I felt about it, my hand is frozen in a sorta claw-like position.  I think part of the problem is that I hold the pen too tightly. 

What I’ve decided to do is focus on finding an online or desktop based version.  I’ve tried a few before but I’m testing free or inexpensive options to meet my needs.  The one I’m trying now, Chrysanth Diary, is free.

But while I was navigating my own journal issues, I took on the task of another journal.  My mother entered the hospital on April 8th for shoulder surgery.  In order to keep everyone updated on her progress, I decided to create a page for her on Caringbridge.  Initially, I was trying to update it every day but it became too taxing to do daily entries for both journals.  Now I do occasional updates to the Caringbridge journal. 

The lesson: don’t commit yourself to more than one goal during Lent.  I’ve already made a note in a journal for next year.  I just have to remember which journal I wrote it in.



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