March 25th, 2011 – Lent Update: It’s Always Something!

You know, I was really feeling good about my goals for Lent.  I really felt a sense of accomplishment by choosing to do things that would improve my body, mind and spirit.

And then, my body decided to revolt.  Last Tuesday, I woke up tired and with a sore throat.  As a creative spirit and nocturnal creature, my recent late night projects had probably started to lower my immune system.  By Thursday, I had a deep cough and my voice was gone.  I won’t even share with you vivid descriptions of the stuff that was coming out of my throat and nose. 

After 5 days of this, still with funky psychedelic phlegm, and a chest rattling cough, I decided to swallow my manly pride and go to the doctor.  I left there with a diagnosis of bronchitis.  Which led to a trip to Target to get an antibiotic, a steroid, a pill for the cough and an inhaler. 

My current daily pharmaceutical cocktail

So much for upping my Wii Fit Plus exercise level.

To make up for it, I still try to do Wii activities that don’t require any or little movement.  Which is pretty much just playing basketball free shots and boating.  But I still gained a pound since I started getting sick. 

Food wise, I’ve only missed one meatless Monday.  After going to the Dr., I didn’t feel like eating JUST vegetables.  Like most people, when I don’t feel good, I want comfort food.  My choice was to try one of the new turkey burgers at Hardee’s.  It was good – good choice in terms of fat and calories and good in terms of making me feel better. 

Otherwise, my food intake has been pretty healthy.  In fact, I’ve been eating a lot of shrimp and fish anyway.  The Chopper had a fish sale a few weeks ago so I stocked up.  I will confess that I was craving Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk cookies last week.  If I’m sitting too long, I usually get this crazy desire to cook or bake something.  But I gave a lot of the cookies away so they wouldn’t be hanging around tempting me.  (By the way, I’m blaming the weight gain on the PBCC cookies.) 

I'm stuck on these cookies just like peanut butter sticks to the roof of your mouth.

In terms of my reading, I’m pretty much on target.  I finished To Be A Man last week while I was resting.  I really enjoyed the concept of the book.  The author, Daniel S. Kaufman, simply asked each contributor what it meant to be a man.  Each man hand wrote their responses and these notes became pages in the book, along with their photos.  It was interesting to read the responses from males ranging in age from 12 years of age to 70.  From men living in rural areas to men living on the streets.  One of my favorites was this short answer from the late Al Lowman, literary agent:

To be a man is to stand tall, be not afraid to roar, be not afraid to cry. 

My current read is PowerPoints! by Harry Mills.  I’m reading it to add more depth and creativity to my presentations.  I’m almost done with it and will probably start a new book tomorrow. 

One thing I didn’t mention as one of my goals is journaling.  As I’ve said before, I’ve journaled off and on since I was about 18 years old.  I did a lot in my twenties and thirties.  But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve only journaled on trips or when I was going through a very important time in my life.  Since Lent started, I’ve been journaling at night.  The only night I’ve skipped so far was Monday night so I had to catch up the next night. 

My new journal

As inspiration, I decided to invest in a new journal.  I chose one decorated with leaves.  Although it kinda has an autumn feel to it, I was drawn to the warm brown, green and golden tones.  The colors just felt good in my spirit.  And I’ve since confirmed, through the current book I’m reading, that these colors  indicate warmth and richness.

So, I’m about midway through this 10-day cycle with the meds.  Hopefully, by then, my lung capacity will be well enough to beat that Wii punching bag.  I got some points I need to rack up a few notches. 

(photo credit:

Have a good weekend!



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