Out With the Old, In With the New

Are there any areas of your home that look like this?

Right after Christmas, I noticed something I’d never noticed before. On Facebook, in conversations, people were talking about purging.  Much to the displeasure of their children, parents were asking children to donate old toys to make room for ones given by Santa.  Others were using the Christmas break from work and school to clean out garages, attics, closets, etc. 

Somethings are kept for sentimental value.  The ones that truly need to go are items that are no longer in use but keep us tied to the past.  For example, people hang on to old clothes that they’ve outgrown because they plan on losing weight.  Here’s the problem:

  • Outgrowing clothes only occurs if you’re an adolescent transitioning from puberty to the teen years.  The only “out” growing we experience as adults is our waist lines expanding outward.
  • If you haven’t worn those clothes in over a year, you probably won’t wear them again.
  • And even if you did get down to your former weight, the clothes may not be in style any longer – it’s time for new & updated clothes for the new & improved you!

Just like everyone else, I’ve started going through old papers, clothes, etc.  My latest “discovery” (that’s my new word) is the realization of where I am now.  As I get rid of old thought process that I no longer need, I’m finding the same thing with material possessions.  I’m going through areas of my home and finding things I needed at one point…but I now realize I no longer need to hold on to them. 

There are many resources for information on purging and re-organizing.  The main thing is to realize that your thought process may be causing you to hoard, over spend, and gain weight.   Once the purging is done and organization is established, there’s room for new things.

One of my favorite experts is Peter Walsh.  He is no-nonsense when it comes to the reasons why we keep things and how we can purge ourselves.  His latest book is Enough Already, which is also the name of his new show on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).


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