What I Learned This Month About Food

Tomorrow starts a new month.  And the year is drawing to an end. 

I started this month with a challenge to expand your food horizons.  But I usually don’t ask others to do something that I won’t do myself.  This past weekend, I traveled to Oktaha, Oklahoma.  Yes.  OAK-TA-HA.  It’s a small town outside of Muskogee, Oklahoma.  My sister lives there with her husband.   My brother-in-laws family was born and nurtured there.  And many still live on the family property within several hundred yards of each other. 

While there, my sister said she had something new for me.  She whipped out a bottle of sauce. 

Bronko's Chocolate Dream

Chocolate barbecue sauce.  There’s not a lot that I like to combine with chocolate.  I like most nuts with chocolate but I’m not real crazy about most fruit dipped in chocolate.  And I certainly have never thought about combining chocolate and barbecue sauce. 

However, I’ve had chicken mole, a Mexican sauce which may sometimes include chocolate.  It was very flavorful so perhaps this might work.  That night, we had pork loin, cooked with slivers of red pepper and onion.  I decided to give the “dream” sauce a try.  But we also had a PEACH barbecue sauce, too.  So, I poured some of each sauce on a slice of pork loin.  Both had a sweetness to them but the chocolate sauce had a smoky layer to it. 

So, I, too stepped out of my comfort zone and learned that chocolate and tomatoes can blend into a great sauce.  I also learned:

  • Good food can diminish in flavor if it’s served with bad company.
  • Spicy turkey dressing is DA BOMB!
  • Even if you are familiar with a certain type of cuisine, don’t be surprised if someone prepares a dish differently than what you expect.
  • A lot of people do not eat 3-5 small meals a day.  Some only eat one big meal a day or maybe two. 
  • Thirst can sometimes be misinterpreted as hunger. 
  • Don’t listen to people who don’t know how to cook – they typically only know how to eat.
  • Food found on or around a college can be good…or just ok.
  • Foods typically found in other holiday gatherings sometimes carry over into others.  There were deviled eggs at the Thanksgiving dinner!  I don’t remember reading the pilgrims cooked them at Easter, the 4th of July AND Thanksgiving, too!

I hope you had an opportunity to try something new this month.   And I hope you had a chance to share a good meal with a good friend, or two, and have some good conversation.  But I really hope you have gained a healthy perspective on food…in it’s necessity and it’s pleasure. 




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