Weight Update – September 29th, 2010

It’s been a slow process lately.  I’ve had several distractions and time available for exercise has been somewhat low.  Since the last post, I’ve only lost 2 pounds.  While I celebrate any success, I still must stop and examine why I haven’t lost more.  Instead of excuses, it’s more productive for me to look at the facts.

  1. Exercise has not been enough lately.  There were time periods of several days where I didn’t walk or do the Wii.  Although I did have a few days where I was up and down the stairs with laundry or running around with my youngest god children, it still was not enough to put a dent in my weight loss.
  2. For someone who usually tries to eat at least 3 meals a day, there were days where my meal plan was completely inconsistent.  As a former chef, there’s a constant battle between my foodaholic side vs. my health nut side.  There’s nothing like good food with good friends.  And no one wants to be the one eating a pale chicken cutlet and veggies when everyone else is eating cheesy, greasy food.  So, I indulged a couple of days.  Then there were a couple of days where I trying so hard to focus on tasks that I started to get dizzy.  I realized one day it was one o’clock and I hadn’t eaten anything at all.  Not good. 
  3. The curse started to take effect.  It never fails…the minute I start to exercise, I started to get sick.  The change in weather affected my sinuses so my nose started running, then draining down my throat, then into my chest, which created a cough..that’s enough detail…you get the picture. 

So, this week, I gotta get back to my routine. 

  • I’m back to using Calorie Count to plan each meal with 2 snacks. 
  • I’ve upped my Wii level to Flan (115 calories).  Since I started on Monday, I’ve reached high scores on Ski Slalom, Kung Fu Karate, and several other games.  But I got say, increasing the number of calories burned is small but I can tell the difference, especially today. 
  • Rest is essential.  Since I don’t sleep well at night, I either take a nap or just lay down for 30 minutes or so to relax, meditate, etc.
  • I’m back to taking a multi-vitamin for extra support.

I am not giving up.  The motivation, which I’ve always been lacking, is now there.  I DO want to be healthier because I want to be here for as long as God wants me to.

Blessings, Carlton


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