Weight Update – April 29th, 2010

Through a combination of portion control, menu planning, splurge allowances, sporadic exercise and a little bit of stress, I was able to reach my goal weight loss of 6 pounds this month!  That’s a total of 11 pounds lost since March 1st.  And my reward for accomplishing my goal is a DVD!

The goal for the month of May is another 6 months.  The landmines I have to watch out for are Mother’s Day (dining out with family), my dinner group meets at Boozefish on the 10th, a movie night with friends on the 15th and MEMORIAL DAY!  I can maneuver those landmines easily if I watch what I eat and balance with exercise.

Up until now, I have not discussed my weight in terms of where I was or where I am now.  Although I am pleased with where I am now, I was ashamed of where I was when I started.  But I have to own it, acknowledge it and be honest about it.  A long time ago, I promised myself that I would NEVER exceed 300 pounds.  When I started blogging on March 1st, I was almost there.  So now I am at:

288 pounds.  There.  I said it.


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