April 1st, 2010 – I’m Ready!

A phrase that I heard recently keeps echoing in my brain:

BE ready so you won’t have to GET ready!

Change comes everyday.  Change can be initiated or completely out of our control.  Change can have a positive or negative effect.  However it comes, we must always be ready. 

That means being flexible, open and hopeful. 

I had to be all three when I started this blog…and basically took my little side business to the next level.  And it’s been a wild 30 days!   As with any growth increase, there were challenges.  But I rolled with the punches, got up, dusted myself off and kept on walking!

If I could have all of you over for dinner or bake you a cake, I would do it as my way of saying thanks for your support over the past month.  You came and read the postings…and hopefully you found something of interest or something that moved or touched you.  I will be the first to say that not all of the postings were great…it was challenging to write SOMETHING MEANINGFUL every day.  But you came anyway.  I am grateful for that alone.

I did not know what to expect in terms of visits to the blog but it’s averaging about 20 hits a day.  And I was also very pleased to know which postings generated the most hits.  The winners?

  1. The very first post on March 1st – 69 hits!
  2. Thank You/Setting Your Goals on March 8th and 9th – 39 hits
  3. The Forgiveness postings on the 15th and 16th – 38 hits
  4. A Balanced Life – 27 hits
  5. Your Health Care – 22 hits

This lets me know what types of information is valuable to you.  Moving forward, I will continue to share information that will be helpful and meaningful as often as possible.  Currently I am in the process of securing connections with local experts on various subjects.  My hope is that these individuals will share their expertise and, in turn, you will patronize their businesses or secure their services. 

Please continue to come back occasionally or become a subscriber.  As a subscriber, you will be notified anytime a new entry is posted.  And feel free to share any information on the blog with friends and family. 

Hopefully, reading the posts has given you a pretty good idea about the type of information I share when coaching clients.  So, as a way of saying thanks is to offer MY life coaching services at a discounted price.  For the months of April and May, I’m offering 4 sessions at $25.00/hour.  That includes the first session which is free.  So actually, you could potentially have 5 one-hour sessions for $100.00!  For more information, go to my “contact me” page and use any of the methods listed to reach me.  You can also go to my profile page on Facebook and “clic” on the presentation under the Slide Share application.

Are you ready to “CLIC”?




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