Weight Update – March 26, 2010

Lost another pound this week. 

The upside?  I did get another day of walking in, in spite of the weather.  I prepared more dinner meals at home with brown rice, rotisserie chicken and squash, tomatoes, etc.  Last week, I had a coupon for $1 off a $4.99 rotisserie chicken from Target.  I cut off the limbs and sliced/shredded the thigh and breast meat.  I created about 4 foil packets and put them in the freezer.  Covered dinner for 3 nights this week.

The downside?  I still have 3 more pounds to lose by Wednesday!  And I broke one of my commitments and had Chinese this week.  It’s no excuse but my friend Monica took me out for lunch for my birthday.  Although my birthday was weeks ago, our lunch was postponed until a time when we were both available.  So for the next 3 days, it’s lean and mean to achieve my goal.


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