March 22nd, 2010 – Write It Down!

I first discovered journaling back in college.  A professor asked us to keep a daily journal of our activities.  The first major lesson I learned from journaling was the importance of writing down and working through the feelings.  Journaling is an excellent method for acknowledging your feelings and working through them. 

Over the years, I have lost the patience to physically journal.  However I have found a couple of computer programs that bring journaling into the new millenium.  They have moved beyond just a resource for jotting down your thoughts and emotions.  They are truly life tools.

The Journal – This software has a lot of different components:

  • An address book
  • Writing templates to inspire journal entries, poetry, prose, etc.
  • A password and encryption to protect your notes from spying eyes.
  • A free 45 day trial
  • Prices start @ $49.95

LifeJournal – This software is very similar to The Journal but has some other features.  You can classify your entries, add a mood stamp, track miles walked etc.  It is available for a trial version and for purchase @ $39.95.

If you have questions about journaling, shoot me a comment or email me.

Happy thoughts and positive feelings!



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