March 13th, 2010 – Living in a Toxic World

It’s amazing the number of public places that now have wipes or sanitizer available for customers, clients or employees.  All in the name of protection from germs and bacteria.

Here’s my question:  is there more we can do to protect ourselves from the toxins that surround us?  I’m not just talking about boron and bromine.  I’m talking about other types of toxins that attack our bodies.  The toxins that rob us of energy instead of increasing our metabolism to provide energy.  The toxins that poison the spirit and dull our thoughts. 

An obvious example is toxic food.  Of course, chilies and mushrooms can be toxic but there are other examples such as potatoes and apples.  Do your research to find out how.  And of course, there are many concerns about the preservatives in our food.  Although they are added to extend longevity during transportation and storage, what is the effect on the human body?  Unfortunately, the food industry has yet to discover a way to provide us with more organic foods without charging higher prices for eating better.

What about toxic people?  I feel so blessed to have learned back in 1992 about toxic behavior.  What is toxic behavior? 

  • Gossiping
  • Name calling
  • Negative talk and energy
  • Insults
  • Yelling
  • Contrariness

The scriptures tell us the tongue is difficult to tame and is full of poison.  Huh.  Think about it.  We poison not only others but OURSELVES as well.  The late poet Lucille Clifton once said that when you fill yourself with venom, you will be poisoned.  For our health and the sake of others, we should temper our tongues and stay away from those who don’t.  Remember the old phrase, “misery loves company”? 

The spirit and mind also need to be protected from toxins.  I’ve been watching Dr. Andrew Weil’s latest PBS special and it is helping me to stay on track.  I remember reading a long time ago his suggestion to take a news fast for a week.  Personally, I try not to watch the news, at least the local news.  They all seem to have the same programming schedule.  The first 10 minutes is focused on all of the negative news in your city, state, country and around the world…who was shot, who’s at war, what bill was vetoed, what celebrity was arrested or got caught, etc.  Then, we have about 5 minutes of weather, 5 minutes of sports and if they have time, a positive story about a child or animal.

Again, in order to achieve wellness, the mind and spirit need positive input.  As a result, our thoughts are positive, our words and expressions are positive.

The bottom line is that it is challenging to live in a toxic world.  We are surrounded by toxins not only in what we eat, what we hear, what we watch and read, what we put on our sin, etc.  It’s up to each of us to control it.  The food industry won’t help us eat healthier – a sugar cereal is $2 but a healthy cereal cost twice as much.  The music and TV industries won’t help protect our children from unnecessary violence and extreme sexual content.  It’s up to US to take control.

Below are some links that might help you:

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Dr. Michael Pollan – His new book, Food Rules, is an excellent book.

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Food Inc. – Excellent documentary on current food production and how it affects us.  –

Skin Toxins –


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