Weight Update – March 12th, 2010

Since setting my goal earlier this week, I’ve lost one pound. I would have preferred at least 2 but I’ll take what I get.
Earlier today, I thought to myself if I had another opportunity to walk this week, it would have helped.
Then I realized I used the weather as an excuse. I still could have gone to a gym or mall to walk or trudged up and down some stairs. Which is why we sometimes don’t reach our goals – we find reasons why or why not.
It’s all about CHOICES.


One thought on “Weight Update – March 12th, 2010

  1. I understand about how goals are achieved slowly. I am required to raise $2,300 total for the Susan G. Komen 3-day for a cure to end Breast Cancer. But, I have only raised $84 so far. I was at a Women’s Rally last night at a local church in Blue Springs. There I did free Chair Massage for the participants, but only earned $14 in tip money. I really am not trying to whine, I am grateful for whatever I get. But, I am learning to not be discourged along the way.

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