The Battle of the Bulge

What a great experience to get out and walk today!  Now that I’m eating healthier and making better choices, my biggest challenges right now are being disciplined about exercising and journaling my meals on  Change is good!

Another change that happened this month deals with the only part of my body that I have any degree of vanity – my hair. Yesterday, I called my barber on his cell phone to make an appointment for today. In the background, I heard this noise. He said he was tearing out a sink. Why is my barber tearing out a sink? Well, because he’s changed careers! He retired…at the age of…what? 30?! Apparently, he and the owner had a falling out so he left to start doing construction work.
Now I admit I got a little nervous because I’ve only had 4 barbers my whole entire life. When I find someone to cut it right, I stick with ’em. Now, I was forced to change.
The nervousness was because I’m starting to realize that, at 48, my hair is thinning. Especially at the crown. And my scalp gets dry so I try to keep it oiled. I was really self-conscious about a new barber dealing with my hair issues.
Then I realized. This is my month of change. Some changes I am making voluntarily. And some changes in life are forced upon us.  But I still have a choice because I can choice how I will react when circumstances are out of my hands – I can fight it or I  can go with the flow.
So I went to the barber shop and Randy informs me that Johnnie has retired – either he or Chauncey will have to take over. So I waited to see which one would be available first.
My new barber is Chauncey. And as with any change, I will have to adjust to Chauncey, who is quiet and focused…he’s an island of quiet in a sea of trash talk and tall tales.  I realized we both had to adjust to change.
My new barber cut my hair shorter and closer to the shape of my head. It’s a new look but I like it.  I’m embracing change. 

New haircut - shot with my cell


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