March 1st, 2010 – Why Can’t I Fly?!

Last year, I was blessed to have the opportunity to meet local author Avah LaReaux.  My friends Monica and Kenny hosted a meet-and-greet at their home.  In addition to discuss her second book, she also discussed her transition from corporate world to literary world. 

Through of series of circumstances, she found herself leaving what had been a secure job into the unknown.  During this process, her desire to write suddenly took her over.  Characters and story lines became very clear to her.  But was it possible for her to truly become a published author?  A lot of people dream of writing the Great American Novel but very few see that dream come true. 

Then, Avah thought about that voice a lot of us have heard as children with dreams or teenagers with a vision.   The voice that says YOU’LL NEVER.  The voice that says YOU’LL NEVER MAKE IT.  The voice that says YOU CAN’T.

Avah asked herself, WHY CAN’T I FLY?!  Then she wrote her first book, What’s Done in the Dark.  Then she asked herself, and her husband, “why can’t I publish my own books with our own publishing company”?  And she followed up the first book with Song of the Siren.  And she just published her third book, Bastards (yes, the title is correct!). 

I recently heard philosopher Dr. Cornel West say that peacocks strut because they can’t fly.  Don’t we all want to be like the eagles?  Don’t we all want to spread our wings and soar to great heights?  Sure we do.  But like the eagles, we need the knowledge to know how and the courage to know that we CAN! 

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about that knowledge.

(Note: Thanks to Monica and Kenny for creating a moment in time and to Avah and Bruce for their inspiration)

Quote for the Day:  

Angels can fly because they carry no burdens.  ~Quoted in The Angels’ Little Instruction Book by Eileen Elias Freeman, 1994


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